Hello. My name is Ben Somervell (@bensomervell1) and welcome to my Brexit blog. I am a Burkean conservative (lower case c) and a social, moral and fiscal conservative (also lower case c) and Brexit first sparked my interest in politics five years ago. I personally describe myself as a “clean Brexiteer” – I strongly support our exit from the European Union, its internal market, its customs union and its arrest warrant.

Here on my blog I’ll be posting full, extended, revised and updated versions of all of the articles I’ve written on Brexit and some of my articles which haven’t been published elsewhere. I’ve submitted articles on this subject to the Student Voices website and the Comment Central website but unfortunately, in my view, their websites have word limits and so have sometimes prevented me from expressing all of my thoughts and all of the facts fully.

Brexit is, I feel, a bit like Marmite®: either you love it or you hate it. However even if you hate it, it has now become inevitable due to the invoking of Article 50 which, according to the UK Supreme Court is irrevocable, and due to the embrace of Brexit by the major parties and by 77% of MPs and 68% of all voters (extensive poll by LSE and Oxford University). Therefore even if you hate the inevitable event that is Brexit, it is important and interesting to keep up to date with all of the facts, statistics and arguments regarding Brexit. I think it’s also important that we all unite and fight together for the very best Brexit deal for our United Kingdom. That is why I have created this blog.

I am a strong supporter of the freedom of speech, thought and the press and so welcome anyone and everyone to my blog, regardless of their views on Brexit or on politics in general. This is shown in the fact that two remain supporters (Sam Edgington and Hrishi Venkatesh) both wrote positive reviews of my blog which can be read here. Sam also wrote an excellent guest blog which can be read here.

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