Many thanks to everyone who has submitted reviews of my blog. You can read the reviews below.

“This blog has incisive discussion on Brexit. It’s also very well written and entertaining. It’s becoming one of the go to places for informed opinion outside of the mainstream samey clogs. I wholeheartedly recommend it”

(Robert Oulds FRSA, Director of the Eurosceptic Bruges Group think tank, author of Everything you wanted to know about the EU – But were afraid to ask and former senior program producer at London Network Radio).

“Every now and then the Blogosphere acquires a new laser beam of intelligence, and conservatism a re-invigorating pulse of thought”

(What Adrian Hilton (@Adrian_Hilton), author of the excellent “Archbishop Cranmer” blog has said of my blog)

“Ben Somervell’s Brexit blog is a fantastic read for anyone looking for quality Brexit opinion pieces, written by a well-read author! Informative, well-referenced, and yet casual enough to encourage trust from the reader”

(Zach Griffiths (@DorsetTory), Committee Member of the Swanage branch of the Conservative Party).

“Ben Somervell’s Brexit Blog is an excellent Brexit blog. It’s meticulous in detail nature doesn’t compensate for it being user friendly and easy on the eye. Highly informative and a recommended read”

(Isaac Ross (@IsaacRossUK), political commentator for @CommentCentral1 and @Student VoicesUK).

“Ben’s articles are interesting and well-researched. Though I don’t agree with much of what he says he provides good insights into what drives many Brexit supporters and just from reading this blog one can tell he is truly passionate about the subject matter . Those on the right will certainly find his articles vindicating while those on the left should read and understand them anyway in order to combat these ideas more effectively”

(Sam Edgington has just finished the first year of his three-year undergraduate degree in Politics at the University of Nottingham. Sam is a Labour Party member and, in this capacity, has himself voted for Jeremy Corbyn twice. He voted remain in the 2016 EU referendum but says he did so “more out of distaste for aspects of the leave campaign than love for the EU” and he says that he welcomes “some of the opportunities Brexit now provides“. He writes his own political articles and his latest one can be read at:

Well-informed and eloquently written, I always find these pieces insightful and interesting”

(Hrishi Venkatesh is an experienced debater and has extensive general knowledge, especially with regard to US politics. He is particularly good at quizes and is just about to start the first year of his three-year undergraduate degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at the University of Hull. Politically speaking, he describes himself as a “liberal” and says that he would have voted remain in the 2016 vote if he had been a year older).